Welcome to McKinneyCare Pharmacy and Compounding

Rahul Gandhi, pharmacist, has been serving the city of McKinney for the last 12 years. After being rated several times as “The Best in Customer Service” by his patients and colleagues, he decided open his own pharmacy to better focus on the individual patients’ needs and never compromise on the customer service experience. He prides himself in finding every patient the most affordable prescriptions and making sure that cost does not come in the way of any patients’ health. He also specializes in immunizations and has been administering vaccines for the past 12 years without adverse reactions or complications.

Rahul is happily married to his wife, Neha, for 17 years and together they have two boys. He is very active with local organizations in the McKinney area. He is a leader with Cub Scouts in Allen. He likes to spend his spare time entertaining his family & friends. Like any other Texan he loves watching football on Sundays. Go COWBOYS!

If you are paying high dollar for a brand name medication, see us once as we have successfully helped many people reduce their copays by significant amount and in some cases brought it down to “$0”. We aggressively work to expedite your prior authorization process so you get medication when you need. At McKinneyCare Pharmacy, we match all competitor prescriptions prices, discount card prices and Amazon for over the counter products. We rent and sell wheelchairs and crutches; ask our pharmacist Rahul about the free crutches rental program! We also sell canes and variety of DME supplies, blood sugar monitors and other healthcare supplies.